Traveling with a Dog

People love their dogs and treat them like family.

When traveling there is some important information to remember. You can bring your dog along but you are responsible for keeping your pet safe.

Health Check

Before heading out on the road bring your dog to the vet to make sure they are healthy enough for the trip. While you are there you should also get a copy of the shot records just in case you are asked for them.


Bring along the regular food for the dog. You do not want to bring different food and risk the dog having an upset stomach.


Make sure the collar and the leash on your dog are sturdy. You will want to have their license with your dog’s name and at least your phone number. You should also make sure if your dog has a microchip all of the information is up to date. You will want to bring along a recent picture of your dog in case they do get lost.

Plan Breaks

Just like a human your dog is going to need to use the bathroom. They should be comfortable going on grass, gravel, or other surfaces that may best at rest stops. You should also have plenty of bags to clean up after the dog.

Bring Toys

Make sure you have some new toys and some favorite toys for your dog. This will help prevent boredom and will keep them from destroying your car or a hotel room.

Access to Water

When driving you may want to allow your dog to travel on an empty stomach so they do not get car sick. Make sure they have access to water. There are many on the dog water bowls and you should have one filled at all times.

These are some tips for traveling with your dog. You love your pet and it is important they are safe if you are taking them on vacation.